What is ‘Social ReUse’?

Social ReUse is a project initiated by Ecotrel in partnership with ‘resource centers’. The goal of this project is to encourage the repair and reuse of electronic and electrical devices, while promoting social integration.
For further information: https://www.ecotrel.lu/en/news/social-reuse

Can all devices be refurbished under the ‘Social ReUse’ program?

Unfortunately, not. Devices impossible to repair, obsolete or the one which consume too much energy cannot be refurbished. So drop them off at one of our ‘resource centers’, where they will be professionally recycled.

What happens once your device has been collected by your resource center?

Your device is sorted, dismantled, and depolluted in Luxembourg. Ferrous metals are reused in the steel industry, while copper, zinc and aluminum are transformed into cables and electronic components. Plastics, meanwhile, are transformed into useful parts for the industry.

But beware: some devices require special treatment. For example, ozone-depleting CFC gases will be removed from refrigerators. Polyurethane foam residues will be used to produce manufacture powder, which will be used as an absorbent agent for firefighters, and cathode ray screens will be stripped of their heavy metals for recycling.

For more information: https://www.ecotrel.lu/en/citizen/what-happens-to-waste-of-electrical-and-electronic-equipments

Can I give my device to any collector?

Under no circumstances should you hand over appliances to a collector without checking that he/she has a waste disposal permit from the relevant authorities.

This could be only a reason to make profits due to the high price of metals and raw materials. Ecological recycling cannot be guaranteed.

What about my old smartphone, computer or tablet?

IT devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops can be dropped off at a Social ReUse ‘diagnosis points’. Don't panic, all your personal data will be erased before these devices are reconditioned, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Afterwards, your devices will be given to the Digital Inclusion ASBL organization, which will distribute them to those who need a technological boost.

PS: don't forget to back up all your photos, videos, documents or other personal data on a hard drive or on your cloud.

How can I reduce my electrical waste?

First, we recommend you to sort your equipment. If you keep a flip phone for reasons of nostalgia, you might consider having it repaired or recycled (if it is too damaged). Whether or not you're a devotee of the Marie Kondō method, ask yourself if you really need to buy a new device. Maybe your old kettle still works just fine and doesn't need to be replaced with a model that makes coffee, tea and breakfast at the same time. And if you need a one shot device, you can always borrow one on this website.

Other initiatives are also present in Luxembourg: for the more DIY-minded among you, there are the famous Repair Cafés.


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Once you've sorted through your precious old-time treasures, you might wonder where you can drop them off.

Don't panic, we've got you covered!

You have several options to give your devices a second life:

Mobile collections

Your device is still working 
or can be fixed

Think about reuse and bring it to one of our Social ReUse ‘diagnosis points’. Who knows, your old toaster could become a star in a new home!

Click below to see the list of resource centers participating in the Social ReUse project.

It can be recycled! Drop it off, for free, at one of our ‘resource centers’. It will be professionally recycled.

Click below to find your Resource Center.

You can also, return it to the next mobile collection organized by SuperDrecksKëscht fir Biirger initiative.

Click below to find out more about mobile collections

Large equipment
For example: washing machines, clothes dryers...

Small equipment
For example: coffee machine, mixer…

IT equipment
For example: Laptop, Smartphone…

Audio/video equipment
For example: flat-screen TV, DVD player…

Social ReUse

More options?

If you need a new device, hit two targets with one arrow.

You can return your old device when you buy a new similar or equivalent one from a retailer.

If your device external dimensions are smaller than 25 cm, bring it to a retailer with a store area bigger than 400 m2. There is no obligation to buy.

Your device has definitely expire

Which devices can you drop off?

The social service provider Nei Aarbecht will take your devices back, prepare them for re-use and sell them from their store in Helmdange at a bargain price.

After a complete erasure of personal data, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your IT equipment are then reconditioned and distributed to people who need access to information and communication by the social service provider 
Digital Inclusion ASBL.

This way, you contribute to increasing the life cycle of your devices by saving the resources needed to manufacture them while promoting social inclusion.

Resource centers

" In 2022, Ecotrel collected more than 5,000 appliances for the Social ReUSe project.
It's important to point out that 89% of the devices collected in this way, are put back on the market. "

Andy Maxant
CEO Ecotrel

Ecotrel ASBL is approved by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, and organizes the collection and processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Find out more about Ecotrel




accredited collectors and social service companies

appliances placed on the market




of appliances 
a year


Refrigeration equipment, air conditioners,
oil bath radiators...

Heat transfer 



If you have any questions, our FAQ will answer them - so many mysteries solved with just one click!

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From coffee machines to small toys, find out which electrical and electronic devices are concerned.

Straight fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, LED lamps...

Large equipment

Washing machines, clothes dryers, dish washing machines, cookers...

Small equipment

Vacuum cleaners, luminaires, microwaves, irons, toasters, electric kettles, clocks and watches, electrical and electronic toys, sports equipment…

Mobile phones, webcam, personal computers…

Small IT and telecommunication equipment


Televisions, photo frames, monitors, laptops…


It's essential to sort out the equipment left in your drawers or forgotten in your cupboards, attics, etc. These abandoned devices deserve to be recycled or reused.

This simple action will reduce your environmental impact. Dropping off your old devices to dedicated collection points means recycling them and saving vital raw materials.

Never throw away 
your devices in the 
grey garbage can.

Your devices are a treasure trove of materials, some of which may be more harmful to the environment than others.There are also substances that are not eco-friendly, such as PCBs, mercury, cadmium, CFCs from refrigeration appliances and others. 

At Ecotrel, we make sure that these bad components are properly eliminated, and that the good ones are reinjected into the economy.

By recycling your devices, you limit the spread of the pollutants it may contain, which can present a harmful risk to our environment and health. You also reduce the waste of natural resources, by reinjecting the raw materials contained in your device into the economic cycle.

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